“Mesmo assim, minha autoestima oscilou, sou daqueles que, se você não fizer 36 polichinelos na minha frente, com uma placa “eu gosto de você” pendurada balançando no pescoço, jamais terei certeza. Já me enganei tantas vezes.”
Gabito Nunes. (via fixmess)





Self Harm Awareness Day - 1st March 2013

So the 1st March 2013 is Self Harm Awareness day and it would be great if people from Tumblr showed their support. Anyone can get involved all you have to do is either wear and orange ribbon or draw and orange butterfly on your arm. We’re using the colour orange because it is the recognised colour for self harm awareness. We would also love it if you posted pictures of your ribbons and butterflies to show people that we do care and there is hope. So please reblog this and get the message out there for those who want to get involved.

Also these are some websites that offer support and alternatives to self harm:


Childline (UK)

Mental Health Foundation

Self Harm Recovery Advice and Support

Understanding Self Harm

Please reblog it’s tomorrow!

2nd March… But still reblogging!


You’re afraid to live, And you’re afraid to die

What a way to exist



up in the air. österreichen alpen. 2 (by deep_schismic)

“It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.”
Naguib Mahfouz (via wearebarebones)